RepOne Strength

website designer
RepOne Strength is a velocity-based training device and programming software for strength & conditioning coaches, athletes, and personal trainers.

I was hired by RepOne as a marketing specialist to help organize and create marketing initiatives. After conducting research on competitors and audiences, I discovered what they were really lacking was an operable website.


Research was conducted on VBT device competitors as well as competitors in athlete management software.

Who will use RepOne?

While working with RepOne and using my own experience in the Strength and Conditioning Industry, I was able to understand their audience and create personas about the customers who would use this product and those who would greatly benefit from it.

The Website

The challenge of working within HubSpot is that you're obviously limited with what you can do design wise unless you are back-end developer. They wanted something quick and easy to put up that could incorporate their Shopify products and as a starter CMS.